🌸Happy Valentine’s Day! πŸŒΈ


Hello Everyone!
Sister Schultz and I have had a great week working hard in Frankfort. We both decided to commit to lengthening our stride and quickening our pace after a training we received Thursday about talking with more people. Our mission has gotten really relaxed in that area this past year and President Brough wants to change that. Last week we had a goal of talking to 70 people on he street and only reached 15. We could use the excuse that I spent a whole day throwing up, or that it’s been so cold no one is outside, or that our area is so big that were always in the car. But we made a commitment to each other to make no excuses and to reach our daily goals. The day of the training, after we got back to our area, we made a goal of talking to 15 people and the Lord blessed us with 31!! He truly sees our obedience and gives us as many blessing in return as possible. We reached our goal of 70 contacts this week and achieved 75, finding many new investigators and even a less active member who’d moved into the area! We haven’t gone home until we’ve talked with the number we decided on in our companionship study. I know that has placed us in the right place at the right time because we have seen many miracles. We even contacted a guy that the bike Elders had talked to only 10 minutes before us! I’ve definitely had an increase of faith this week in applying the training πŸ™‚ And an increase in humility because I really didn’t have a testimony of talking to people on the street because I’ve never seen anything come from it. I like it when the Lord proves me wrong πŸ™‚

Adventure of the week! So we’ve had many, but the best happened Thursday when we were pounding the pavement in downtown Versailles. We had been talking to people when we saw a family on one side of the street coming out of the library and a man on e other side of the street. I asked Sister Schultz who she thought we should talk with and then the guy across the street started yelling out to us, “Hey Mormon girls!” She looked at me and was like, “it’s that guy, run!” Earlier in the week we had received a referral from someone we met on the street and had helped moved them into their apartment. The person they sent us to was a very strange guy who let us know he was a drug dealer and that he wanted to make us dinner. We found this out after we gave him our card. Needless to say, we hadn’t been responding to his texts. So he starts running across the street at us and we book in the other direction and into the library (book it, lol). And we run straight into a stall in the women’s bathroom and lock the door. And just then a whole bunch of women come in to use the 2 stall bathroom. We don’t want them to peek under and see two pairs of shoes. So we get close and each one of us lifts up one of our feet, trying SO hard not to laugh. And we wait until everyone leaves so we don’t both come out of the same stall together. It was so hilarious.

So that’s what I’ve got! Always remember to have faith that the Lord can improve your situation if you only act in faith!

Love y’all,
Sister Alyssa Spiteri


Hastening the Work


This week was transfers and I got my new companion, Sister Schultz, and I am so excited for this transfer together. I’m ready to put my heart into these last 6 weeks I have to serve in this capacity. She is amazing. This is her fourth transfer and she is on fire, just what I needed. She also loves me enough to hold my hair when I puked outside the church this week. I think I had the flu but who knows.

Last week we had dropped all of our investigators because they weren’t willing to progress so we spent this week finding wonderful, new people to teach. I love having this bold calling of testifying. We went tracting Saturday morning and found 3(!!!!!) new families to teach. They’re amazing people- and they’re married! So we’re looking forward to our return appointments with them this week on Wednesday. We also have been getting a billion referrals. A normal week is like 2 or 3, this week we got 12 media referrals. That means keep sharing the gospel online everyone, because it makes a difference!

I’ve also had some pretty good studies this week. My favorite was when I was studying about remembering. It seems that whenever someone in the scriptures gets into trouble it’s because they forgot the Lord. They forgot their testimony and all He had done for them up until this point. I was studying it in relation to my mission, to not forgot what the Lord has taught me here and also what He’s carried me through. In Alma 5:6-7 it addresses this:

6 And now behold, I say unto you, my brethren, you that belong to this church, have you sufficiently retained in remembrance the captivity of your fathers? Yea, and have you sufficiently retained in remembrance his mercy and long-suffering towards them? And moreover, have ye sufficiently retained in remembrance that he has delivered their souls from hell?
7 Behold, he changed their hearts; yea, he awakened them out of a deep sleep, and they awoke unto God. Behold, they were in the midst of darkness; nevertheless, their souls were illuminated by the light of the everlasting word; yea, they were encircled about by the bands of death, and the chains of hell, and an everlasting destruction did await them.

I just love these verses. I know that I’ve been illuminated by His word and awakened many times over. And as we remember Him in gratitude, we will see more of His hand in our lives. Ponder your blessings, write them down. They will stand as evidences of His love unto us- and to those we share them with.

This is truly the sweetest time of my mission and I’m looking forward to every day until I come home, and I look forward to those days too πŸ™‚ Have an amazing week and don’t forget to remember the Lord has brought you to this point in your life! So take it as an opportunity.

Sister Alyssa Spiteri

General Conference!!


This week in Kentucky:
We were pretty busy this week, not hunting down investigators, but
hunting and destroying bed bugs. Bed bugs are trrrribul. We’ve been
spraying and washing and deep cleaning everything. No bueno.

But we had lots of fun times regardless! We went to Wendy’s the other
night to get frosties and realized that both of us had left our
wallets at home. I frantically started counting out nickels, pennies,
and Canadian dimes. When we got to the window the man saw us and said
it was no problem and gave us our frosties. Yay for nice people!

We went to Spanish sacrament meeting with the elders yesterday and it
was fun πŸ™‚ I got to lead the music and tried to sing along but I can
only multi-task so much. One of the little girls there gave Sister
Barker a kiss on the cheek. Afterwards Sister Barker went up to Elder
Salazar to tell him that she gave her a kiss and he jumped back and
said, no I cannot do that! He’s from Mexico, sometimes things get lost
in translation. Sister Barker explained she wasn’t asking for a kiss
from him and he got really embarrassed, poor kid.

It was so good to watch the Women’s Broadcast Saturday night. My
favorite speaker was Sister Wixom, she’s just the best. I love what
she taught about our divine nature and how that cannot change but we
realize it more as we come closer to the Father through the Son and
listening to the promptings of the Spirit. We really need one another.
The world needs you and your gifts. I also loved hearing President
Uchtdorf talk about the creepy, stalker cat. Lols for days.

As we prepare for Conference this weekend remember to ponder a
question you can bring. You will find the answer. Have a wonderful

Sister Alyssa Spiteri

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“Exaltation is the goal, discipleship is the journey.”


This week in Kentucky….
We’ve been watching conference the past 2 days and it’s been pretty
fun πŸ™‚ Saturday we watched with the Elders at the church and then
yesterday we were at a member’s home. My favorite talks were Elder
Holland’s about mothers and Elder Nelson’s about womanhood. I’m such a
girl. Our investigators, the Hay’s family, watched conference
yesterday at the home of a sister in the ward and loved it. The mom
went home and watched the other sessions πŸ™‚ They are going to be
baptized on November 21!
We also got serve a deaf woman in our ward yesterday. Sister Barker
and a a sister from the Relief Society were making her dinner because
she’s recovering from the hospital. My job was to visit with her. I
don’t know any sign language so we wrote back and forth on a note pad
and talked about places we’ve lived and our families. She asked me if
I could speak any English or just Spanish. I told her I don’t speak a
lick of Spanish. I must’ve looked ethnic or something yesterday. It
was fun, though πŸ™‚
It’s been a little wet and cold this past week, yay for scarf and boot
weather! We’ve also seen 3 LIVE possums this week. That is incredible,
just so you know. We got one on video. We also taught our first Skype
lesson this week with a boy named Duncan. We usually meet with him at
the library but he was stuck at his home with his sick family. So we
got permission to teach over Skype and it was so cool, he stayed a lot
more focused this time as well.
In other news, my neighbor back home sent me a referral for a family
member of hers that lives right by us! I remember her telling me about
this family member before my mission and it’s so crazy how things line
up. So we went and it’s this beautiful horse farm next to the
Versailles (Kentucky) Castle. So we went and knocked on the door and
her granddaughter kindly let us in and walked us over to our referral.
It was so fun having a connection with her. She wasn’t feeling well
that day so we gave her our card and she said she’d invite us over πŸ™‚

This week in Kentucky


Kentucky has been full of adventure, as always. Last night we had
dinner at the Christensen’s and got to pet their chipmunk, Chippy, and
their horse πŸ˜€ We had a fun time, they’re all super loco. We also had
our new investigator, Randell, at church yesterday with his 2 year
old. We had been waiting in the parking lot for him and just when we
decided he probably wasn’t coming, he pulled up! Yay yay yay! His son
didn’t like music and it was the primary program and the kids were
singing every 2 minutes so they were in the foyer for the most part,
but they stayed! And then he came to Gospel Principles with us and
really liked it! We’re seeing him again on Thursday. He’s so cool.
Sister Barker and I almost didn’t talk to him but the Holy Ghost said
we must, so we did. He had a friend of his pass away recently and he
said that brought him to start going to church a few weeks ago and
that it was just so serendipitous that we were talking to him! He has
absolutely zero background with religion and he’s just so awesome and
full of faith! We taught him the Restoration this last week and on
Thursday we’re teaching him the Plan of Salvation πŸ™‚ He will most
definitely be baptised.
What else this week… We’ve been going through the roster looking for
those in our area that haven’t been seen at church for awhile and
seeing what we can do to help bring them back. That’s been good, I
love helping “lost sheep” so to speak, that’s probably where I’ve
found my greatest joy on my mission.
This week President Brough showed up at our district meeting, yikes. I
thought he was going to rebuke us for something but he just wanted to
take us out to Mexican food. That works.
It’s been beautiful outside with the leaves changing colour and it
getting colder πŸ™‚ Something really cool yesterday, my mom sent me a
hug via someone moving from out west to Lexington. It was so sweet of
her to drive to Versailles to come uplift me. And it was crazy because
that afternoon she had the Pioneer Sisters over for lunch, that’s my
buddies Sister Hinton and Kocherhans! She told them she was looking
for a Sister Spiteri and they know meeeeee, it’s crazy how it all
works out πŸ™‚
One of my favourite things from this week was watching the Piano Guys
Face2Face online. Listening to them testify of the simply truths that
bring happiness to their families and themselves was so Spirit filled!
I just loved it! If you missed it, watch it here:


Well, have a Happy Halloween, I’m dressing up as….a missionary! Tell
me all your wonderful stories and send me mucho picture this week!

Sister Alyssa Spiteri

Us at the Christensen’s last night with Stirling, Larkin, Link, Juju,
and Micro πŸ™‚

Happy Pioneer Day!


Okay, so I actually didn’t celebrate Pioneer Day at all because
Kentucky doesn’t do that, but I hope you all had a good one!

Our pioneer ancestors are awesome but I just wanted to express
gratitude to our latter day pioneers. I’ve gotten the chance to
experience that firsthand in my own life and it’s been an awesome
journey, everything from my first trunk or treat before I was baptized
to receiving blessings in the temple and on a mission. As I’ve served
here in Kentucky I have grown so much in my appreciation for my
parents and their courage to take leaps of faith as they follow Jesus
Christ. I see so many people begin to follow Christ in faith. It
requires changing everything you know and do-and it is not easy. In
the words of Brother Lopez, who was baptized in January, You MUST get
a bigger box. Because the Gospel and these blessings associated with
it are never going to fit within the tiny, cheap box the world is
trying to hand you. There is a bigger picture and it is Glorious. I
testify that everyone can take hold of the rod of iron and press
forward in faith. I know the Atonement is real and I know more than
anything that the Book of Mormon helps us to understand that Atonement
better because it is the Word of God. The Book of Mormon contains the
fullness if Jesus Christ’s Gospel and I know that to be true because
it has been manifested unto me by the power of the Holy Ghost, just as

Heavenly Father has so much to give us by restored Priesthood and
Temple ordinances. All He asks is we trust Him and act in Faith. I
know He hears our prayers and He will answer us through feelings,
whispers, and His Holy scriptures. He will guide us, so why not read
what he has to say? The Book of Mormon will bring peace to us in this
world because it was written for this day by prophets who saw,
thousands of years ago, what we and our neighbors would need.

I love this Gospel and I love the two people and many others, who were
in tune enough to know that the missionaries knocking at their door
were representatives of Jesus Christ. I am grateful they heeded the
Spirit and continue to, even when it gets difficult.

I know He lives and I know He loves each of you. Seek after Him and ye
shall find πŸ™‚

Much Love,
Sister Alyssa Nicole Spiteri

Mosiah 24:14

7/ 20/15
Aloha and Happy Monday! It’s been a long, sweaty week in Kentucky but it’s been great. Missions are truly so great. I remember before my mission that my circle of love was so much smaller than it is now. But here’s the thing, the more love we give, the more love we have. Love does not divide as we give it, it multiplies. I get such a cool opportunity to offer love and service to others all day here. How amazing! I love my calling. I am a representative of Jesus Christ and am striving to do all He would. It makes me smile πŸ™‚

On Saturday we met with our investigator, Kim, and had a really good lesson. We were planning on teaching her about the Word of Wisdom but as she expressed her desires and concerns we ended up answering a lot of her questions and helping her understand how to use the Atonement in her life. She has such a strong desire to use the truths she is being blessed with. She says she is ready, she knows she has the willpower and that the Savior will help her where she falls short. This past month the ward has really been focusing on temple work and the blessings of temple worship. It has been really hard for me because I don’t get to attend the temple very often here, but it has sparked such an interest in Kim. She is so excited to partake of the blessings there. In church yesterday I think she taught us all a lesson. Someone had said that life got more difficult after her family had made it to the temple to be sealed together and it was hard to find time for the temple. Kim said, how can that be? If you have the assurance that you have made covenants how could your faith ever be weak? How could you ever forget to worship there and feel the Spirit and peace the house of the Lord has to offer you? Her yearning for the temple and its blessings is so inspiring. Even though I cannot attend while I’m serving, I can cling more to the covenant promises I have made there and find strength from them. As President Uchtdorf says, I can be grateful in my circumstances.

Stories this week… We got attacked by fleas when we were knocking on someone’s door. That was funny. Three sister missionaries swatting at their legs and shaking out their shoes. Yep.

Other news, I don’t think I had any more big injuries this week. I have been sick these past few days and finally accepted it yesterday. I really wanted to go to church, so I did that, then we came home and I slept until our dinner appointment at the Powell home, I really wanted to go there, too. Mostly because Brother Powell is an Aggie so we could talk about fun stuff. Their daughter is moving up to USU next month so keep an eye out for her!
The theme of this past week is probably remembering. Sometimes we get lost in the fog and feel like we’re back at square one, once again. But as we remember where we were and who we have always been, we can look forward with hope. As Mumford and Sons says, hold on to what you believe in the light, when the darkness has robbed you of all your sight. Remember and cling to spiritual experiences. Remember who you are and were sent here to be.
Β  Β  Β  “You are infinitely more than your limitations and afflictions.” – Jeffrey R. Holland
Have a happy week, know that I love you, and don’t forget to be grateful. It changes everything.
Sister Alyssa Spiteri

Letter from Kentucky



I’m now serving in the Harmony Branch in Crestwood Kentucky! So I’m in the suburbs of Louisville right by the temple. It is so beautiful here, it’s got the rolling hills and trees and horses and Southern estates. It’s so fun because I’m serving in my trainer’s area she came from before we met last September- whoa, that was almost a year ago. So I’m meeting all the people she told me so many stories about. I’m alsooooo serving in a Three-ship again this transfer haha. I was in the only Three-ship in the mission last transfer and the only one this transfer. Maybe they just know I’m used to having 2 crazy awesome sisters. I’m serving with Sister Johnson who has been out for 3 months, and Sister Crofoot who has been out for about 4. They’re crazy fun. We live with a member, Michelle, who got off her mission in Argentina about 4 years ago. We’re a lot alike, love her. I’m also living with her dog, Prim πŸ™‚ She’s the greatest thing. I love living with a dog again, I’ve missed it so much. Definitely a sweet tender mercy.
I feel like I’m right where I need to be. I have so many connections with everyone I meet, it’s such a small world! I love getting to know the members, branches are just the greatest. I can already tell I’m building relationships for eternity.
Something I’m working on this transfer, and the rest of forever, is my gratitude journal. I had a lot of struggles in my last area, to be honest. It was pretty tough, but faith and courage and the love of those supporting me helped me through every minute of every day. I pulled out my gratitude journal and realized that I hadn’t written in it since I left my first area, Salem. I truly believe that my struggles would have been endured much better these past 4 months had I been counting my blessings. So I am very eager to write in my gratitude journal every day and watch as it changes my very nature. And I believe that even in this past week, it has.
So I’d encourage you each to strive with me πŸ™‚ And then share how it has been a blessing to you. Let me know if the challenge is accepted and I will follow up with you next month around my birthday.
Β I love this work and I love this Gospel. I know that our Savior loves us and he doesn’t compare or compete or tell us we aren’t enough. I know that our value cannot decrease or increase. The value of anything is marked by the sacrifice made for it- an Olympic gold medal, fancy Seattle chocolate, a house- and you. Because of the sacrifice made for us by our Savior, our value is above anything. There is a relationship between love and sacrifice. We sacrifice for the things we love and we love the things we sacrifice for. I testify as a representative of Jesus Christ that He loves us and that we will feel that love as we accept His sacrifice made for us. I love you all and am so grateful for the support and encouragement you have given me. I’m grateful for your love and sacrifices. Continue to follow Him and He will lead you in the way of light and truth.
Sister Alyssa Spiteri
P.S. My new address is
5508 Park Ct
Crestwood, KY 40014

Love From Kentucky

July 6, 2015

Hello everyone! So I’m getting transferred tomorrow! So don’tΒ  send
anything this week πŸ™‚
Here’s pictures of me with my favorite people in Lexington πŸ™‚ I’ll
keep you posted to where they send me in the Lord’s Vineyard next πŸ™‚
Sister Alyssa Spiteri

May the Fourth be with you!

May 4, 2015

What a week! First off, congratulations to american Pharaoh for winning the Kentucky Derby on Saturday!

We started off the week by having FHE with the Lawson family that got baptized about a year ago. We watched Only a Stonecutter, it’s about the amazing story of John Rowe Moyle. Afterwards we asked them how they liked it and they each shared beautiful insights that they were totally taught by the Spirit and likened his perseverance to their own lives and how faith gives us the strength to push past adversity and become greater. Such a great night.
The next day I was over in Nicholasville with Sister Wu on an exchange. It was so much fun, nice to be in the country again. We got to meet and teach a lot of really amazing people. I got the opportunity to really connect with a woman we met by talking about my experiences traveling last summer πŸ™‚
Wednesday was a lot of tracting and we got to go to mutual with one of our investigators, Brianna, and got to play life sized hungry hungry hippos with the youth. It was pretty awesome and no serious injuries were sustained- bonus! We also got to wear pants, so good πŸ™‚
Thursday we had an awesome District Meeting on Christlike Attributes and I decided I’m going to focus on Diligence this week with Sister Kocherhans. Afterwards we went to Chick-fil-a, yum. Then we tracted away. Not too long into this the sky got really dark and the thunder started to rumble. We don’t have a car right now so there was really no escape, haha. So Sister K and I bowed our heads and prayed and all was well. The storm went around us, it was awesome πŸ™‚ We had a lot of really neat experiences that day where the Lord placed us exactly where we needed to be to help those who were in need of it.
Friday! Had an awesome lesson with Betty, who’s returning to activity in the church after being gone for 50 years! She confided a lot in us and we’re helping her to get to the temple where she can receive so many blessing and peace.
Saturday we had a lesson in the morning where we handed off an investigator to the Zone Leaders because they’re in charged of the Singles Ward. So we had to teach in front of them and it was a little nerve wracking. We had a really cool opportunity walking around that evening talking to people with Sister Vance. We met a family moving to Peru for a mission trip and she connected with them really well, so cool!
Sunday was so good. Church was amazing as people got up to share their testimonies and gratitude. “The steps of faith in my life have led me to: serving individuals here in Lexington.” Fill in where your faith has led you πŸ™‚ Then we tracted and tracted and tracted and met so many wonderful families that live around the church! So excited to go back and share the wonderful message of the Restoration with them πŸ™‚
Well, that’s the week! Today we went shopping, did laundry, and hung out a little bit in Michael’s #artsycompanionship. Don’t forget to pray and have a beautiful week. Happy Mother’s Day!
Sister Spiteri