May the Fourth be with you!

May 4, 2015

What a week! First off, congratulations to american Pharaoh for winning the Kentucky Derby on Saturday!

We started off the week by having FHE with the Lawson family that got baptized about a year ago. We watched Only a Stonecutter, it’s about the amazing story of John Rowe Moyle. Afterwards we asked them how they liked it and they each shared beautiful insights that they were totally taught by the Spirit and likened his perseverance to their own lives and how faith gives us the strength to push past adversity and become greater. Such a great night.
The next day I was over in Nicholasville with Sister Wu on an exchange. It was so much fun, nice to be in the country again. We got to meet and teach a lot of really amazing people. I got the opportunity to really connect with a woman we met by talking about my experiences traveling last summer 🙂
Wednesday was a lot of tracting and we got to go to mutual with one of our investigators, Brianna, and got to play life sized hungry hungry hippos with the youth. It was pretty awesome and no serious injuries were sustained- bonus! We also got to wear pants, so good 🙂
Thursday we had an awesome District Meeting on Christlike Attributes and I decided I’m going to focus on Diligence this week with Sister Kocherhans. Afterwards we went to Chick-fil-a, yum. Then we tracted away. Not too long into this the sky got really dark and the thunder started to rumble. We don’t have a car right now so there was really no escape, haha. So Sister K and I bowed our heads and prayed and all was well. The storm went around us, it was awesome 🙂 We had a lot of really neat experiences that day where the Lord placed us exactly where we needed to be to help those who were in need of it.
Friday! Had an awesome lesson with Betty, who’s returning to activity in the church after being gone for 50 years! She confided a lot in us and we’re helping her to get to the temple where she can receive so many blessing and peace.
Saturday we had a lesson in the morning where we handed off an investigator to the Zone Leaders because they’re in charged of the Singles Ward. So we had to teach in front of them and it was a little nerve wracking. We had a really cool opportunity walking around that evening talking to people with Sister Vance. We met a family moving to Peru for a mission trip and she connected with them really well, so cool!
Sunday was so good. Church was amazing as people got up to share their testimonies and gratitude. “The steps of faith in my life have led me to: serving individuals here in Lexington.” Fill in where your faith has led you 🙂 Then we tracted and tracted and tracted and met so many wonderful families that live around the church! So excited to go back and share the wonderful message of the Restoration with them 🙂
Well, that’s the week! Today we went shopping, did laundry, and hung out a little bit in Michael’s #artsycompanionship. Don’t forget to pray and have a beautiful week. Happy Mother’s Day!
Sister Spiteri

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