Happy Pioneer Day!


Okay, so I actually didn’t celebrate Pioneer Day at all because
Kentucky doesn’t do that, but I hope you all had a good one!

Our pioneer ancestors are awesome but I just wanted to express
gratitude to our latter day pioneers. I’ve gotten the chance to
experience that firsthand in my own life and it’s been an awesome
journey, everything from my first trunk or treat before I was baptized
to receiving blessings in the temple and on a mission. As I’ve served
here in Kentucky I have grown so much in my appreciation for my
parents and their courage to take leaps of faith as they follow Jesus
Christ. I see so many people begin to follow Christ in faith. It
requires changing everything you know and do-and it is not easy. In
the words of Brother Lopez, who was baptized in January, You MUST get
a bigger box. Because the Gospel and these blessings associated with
it are never going to fit within the tiny, cheap box the world is
trying to hand you. There is a bigger picture and it is Glorious. I
testify that everyone can take hold of the rod of iron and press
forward in faith. I know the Atonement is real and I know more than
anything that the Book of Mormon helps us to understand that Atonement
better because it is the Word of God. The Book of Mormon contains the
fullness if Jesus Christ’s Gospel and I know that to be true because
it has been manifested unto me by the power of the Holy Ghost, just as

Heavenly Father has so much to give us by restored Priesthood and
Temple ordinances. All He asks is we trust Him and act in Faith. I
know He hears our prayers and He will answer us through feelings,
whispers, and His Holy scriptures. He will guide us, so why not read
what he has to say? The Book of Mormon will bring peace to us in this
world because it was written for this day by prophets who saw,
thousands of years ago, what we and our neighbors would need.

I love this Gospel and I love the two people and many others, who were
in tune enough to know that the missionaries knocking at their door
were representatives of Jesus Christ. I am grateful they heeded the
Spirit and continue to, even when it gets difficult.

I know He lives and I know He loves each of you. Seek after Him and ye
shall find 🙂

Much Love,
Sister Alyssa Nicole Spiteri


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