General Conference!!


This week in Kentucky:
We were pretty busy this week, not hunting down investigators, but
hunting and destroying bed bugs. Bed bugs are trrrribul. We’ve been
spraying and washing and deep cleaning everything. No bueno.

But we had lots of fun times regardless! We went to Wendy’s the other
night to get frosties and realized that both of us had left our
wallets at home. I frantically started counting out nickels, pennies,
and Canadian dimes. When we got to the window the man saw us and said
it was no problem and gave us our frosties. Yay for nice people!

We went to Spanish sacrament meeting with the elders yesterday and it
was fun 🙂 I got to lead the music and tried to sing along but I can
only multi-task so much. One of the little girls there gave Sister
Barker a kiss on the cheek. Afterwards Sister Barker went up to Elder
Salazar to tell him that she gave her a kiss and he jumped back and
said, no I cannot do that! He’s from Mexico, sometimes things get lost
in translation. Sister Barker explained she wasn’t asking for a kiss
from him and he got really embarrassed, poor kid.

It was so good to watch the Women’s Broadcast Saturday night. My
favorite speaker was Sister Wixom, she’s just the best. I love what
she taught about our divine nature and how that cannot change but we
realize it more as we come closer to the Father through the Son and
listening to the promptings of the Spirit. We really need one another.
The world needs you and your gifts. I also loved hearing President
Uchtdorf talk about the creepy, stalker cat. Lols for days.

As we prepare for Conference this weekend remember to ponder a
question you can bring. You will find the answer. Have a wonderful

Sister Alyssa Spiteri

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