“Exaltation is the goal, discipleship is the journey.”


This week in Kentucky….
We’ve been watching conference the past 2 days and it’s been pretty
fun 🙂 Saturday we watched with the Elders at the church and then
yesterday we were at a member’s home. My favorite talks were Elder
Holland’s about mothers and Elder Nelson’s about womanhood. I’m such a
girl. Our investigators, the Hay’s family, watched conference
yesterday at the home of a sister in the ward and loved it. The mom
went home and watched the other sessions 🙂 They are going to be
baptized on November 21!
We also got serve a deaf woman in our ward yesterday. Sister Barker
and a a sister from the Relief Society were making her dinner because
she’s recovering from the hospital. My job was to visit with her. I
don’t know any sign language so we wrote back and forth on a note pad
and talked about places we’ve lived and our families. She asked me if
I could speak any English or just Spanish. I told her I don’t speak a
lick of Spanish. I must’ve looked ethnic or something yesterday. It
was fun, though 🙂
It’s been a little wet and cold this past week, yay for scarf and boot
weather! We’ve also seen 3 LIVE possums this week. That is incredible,
just so you know. We got one on video. We also taught our first Skype
lesson this week with a boy named Duncan. We usually meet with him at
the library but he was stuck at his home with his sick family. So we
got permission to teach over Skype and it was so cool, he stayed a lot
more focused this time as well.
In other news, my neighbor back home sent me a referral for a family
member of hers that lives right by us! I remember her telling me about
this family member before my mission and it’s so crazy how things line
up. So we went and it’s this beautiful horse farm next to the
Versailles (Kentucky) Castle. So we went and knocked on the door and
her granddaughter kindly let us in and walked us over to our referral.
It was so fun having a connection with her. She wasn’t feeling well
that day so we gave her our card and she said she’d invite us over 🙂


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