🌸Happy Valentine’s Day! 🌸


Hello Everyone!
Sister Schultz and I have had a great week working hard in Frankfort. We both decided to commit to lengthening our stride and quickening our pace after a training we received Thursday about talking with more people. Our mission has gotten really relaxed in that area this past year and President Brough wants to change that. Last week we had a goal of talking to 70 people on he street and only reached 15. We could use the excuse that I spent a whole day throwing up, or that it’s been so cold no one is outside, or that our area is so big that were always in the car. But we made a commitment to each other to make no excuses and to reach our daily goals. The day of the training, after we got back to our area, we made a goal of talking to 15 people and the Lord blessed us with 31!! He truly sees our obedience and gives us as many blessing in return as possible. We reached our goal of 70 contacts this week and achieved 75, finding many new investigators and even a less active member who’d moved into the area! We haven’t gone home until we’ve talked with the number we decided on in our companionship study. I know that has placed us in the right place at the right time because we have seen many miracles. We even contacted a guy that the bike Elders had talked to only 10 minutes before us! I’ve definitely had an increase of faith this week in applying the training 🙂 And an increase in humility because I really didn’t have a testimony of talking to people on the street because I’ve never seen anything come from it. I like it when the Lord proves me wrong 🙂

Adventure of the week! So we’ve had many, but the best happened Thursday when we were pounding the pavement in downtown Versailles. We had been talking to people when we saw a family on one side of the street coming out of the library and a man on e other side of the street. I asked Sister Schultz who she thought we should talk with and then the guy across the street started yelling out to us, “Hey Mormon girls!” She looked at me and was like, “it’s that guy, run!” Earlier in the week we had received a referral from someone we met on the street and had helped moved them into their apartment. The person they sent us to was a very strange guy who let us know he was a drug dealer and that he wanted to make us dinner. We found this out after we gave him our card. Needless to say, we hadn’t been responding to his texts. So he starts running across the street at us and we book in the other direction and into the library (book it, lol). And we run straight into a stall in the women’s bathroom and lock the door. And just then a whole bunch of women come in to use the 2 stall bathroom. We don’t want them to peek under and see two pairs of shoes. So we get close and each one of us lifts up one of our feet, trying SO hard not to laugh. And we wait until everyone leaves so we don’t both come out of the same stall together. It was so hilarious.

So that’s what I’ve got! Always remember to have faith that the Lord can improve your situation if you only act in faith!

Love y’all,
Sister Alyssa Spiteri


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