No Longer Green!

Hey everyone! Today marks my first day of not being a greenie anymore and that is such a relief. Tomorrow my Trainer is getting transferred and I will take over the area with a new companion and I am so excited! So this past Monday we had district P-Day and had a blast decorating gingerbread men and doing Secret Santa. Sister Gates got a One Direction poster from some Elders and they gave me crazy nail polish that’s against the handbook, but that’s okay because I’m sending a package home to my sisters soon and they’ll appreciate that 🙂

We are really focusing our missionary efforts on the #ShareTheGift Christmas Initiative and really spreading the word about that, so y’all should too! If you haven’t seen the video go to
My favorite part of the week was when we had a tri-zone conference with Elder Kopischke of the Seventy. Sister Gates and I had been fasting and praying for guidance and we got it. He really invited the Spirit in to teach us all and it was an amazing experience. He really changed the way I view myself and my mission forever. He had me read D&C 4:2, a verse that had always made me feel inadequate. And he let me know that I was only called to serve with MY heart, MY might, MY mind, and MY strength. He let me know that I was doing just that and that in the process I was bringing salvation to MY soul. And that that would affect my family and those I serve for forever.
It was really incredible.
We taught an amazing lesson about the Restoration to a young girl named Sabrina. We read Joseph Smith’s account of how confused he was and how he was searching so hard for guidance and she really connected with him, it was so great 🙂
Last night we had a lesson with Trent about the Holy Ghost and revelation before we watched the Christmas Devotional with him and it was awesome. Then everyone who spoke mentioned the light of Christ and it was such a great learning experience for him. He is planning on getting baptized next month and we are so blessed to help him become prepared for that.
I just love this Christmas season, there is so much joy and giving and i am so glad to serve 🙂
Have the greatest week and don’t forget to smile!
-Sister Alyssa Spiteri