Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Everybody!

So this week has been great! We had Zone Conference with President and Sister Brough and they are just fantastic! They just refuel our missionary fires every time we see them. Then we got a chance to see the Estradas twice this week! Two words. Mexican food. I’ve missed it.
We got the awesome opportunity to share the gospel with the son’s girlfriend- she is so wonderful and we are excited to keep working with her. She is so sweet. Their family is great. Before we left their house Brother Estrada showed us the “hair fighting” trick where you put two hairs in a dish of water and if you watch them reeeeally closely-Brother Estrada smacks the dish and splashes you with water all over you and your companion. Good times. Bueno tiempos.
We are so excited for the work, Heavenly Father is definitely giving us opportunities to be led by the Spirit in our work.
Yay for missionary work! Yay for Thanksgiving! Everyone have a wonderful week!
Sister Spiteri

So this week in Indiana!

We are just having so many miracles, happening upon the most prepared and elect people all the time! There is so much work to do here, but I love it!
The Bowman’s- a couple that have been less active for about 2 decades- have been coming back since we’ve been meeting with them and it’s been an amazing journey with them. I am so grateful that the Lord has been preparing them. Brother bowman is making huge strides as he draws on the power of the Atonement to realign himself with Heavenly Father. Aaand he’s getting a calling soon 🙂
There are sooooo many members coming back and NOW is the time. This work has been so inspired and spirit led. We are told several times a day just how timely our visits have been in people’s lives 🙂
My favorite part of the week was Stake Conference with Elder Hymas of the Seventy. We got a chance to sing in a missionary choir the EFY Medley and it was powerful.
My companion and i has fasted before so we received SO much spiritual guidance for ourselves and the people we serve.
It’s an amazing work!
With Love,
Sister Spiteri