Be Careful of the Path You Choose

This week. So much. Well we had a baptism for a little boy named Dominick on Saturday and it was just so beautiful!!! Love love love. This Gospel truly does change everything.

In other business, we almost killed our car. So on Friday we were on our way to a lesson and decided to go drop off a birthday card for a member on the way. We missed the turn to their house but our GPS recalculated so it we just kept following it. We were on this beautiful road in the woods, orange leaves everywhere, and it was just splendid. The road became thinner and gravel instead of paved. It was a little bumpy but we just kept chugging along. We were on the phone with a woman in our branch so we weren’t paying too much attention. I looked out at the road and thought, this is so beautiful. This ought to be a hiking path instead of a road. Kept going. Then it got really bumpy, really tight. It was like the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. We looked up at the GPS. We were on, literally, “Seldom Seen Road”. We heard this awful scraping sounds coming from under the car. We prayed. And before you know it, our car is halway in a ditch and my window is VERY close to laying on the ground. So we literally climb out, look around, cry a little, and then call for help. (We then proceeded to take lots of pictures) The brother we were going to see came and helped us out and we stay at their house for the next couple hours helping his wife in the kitchen. But I’d like to take a moment to point out how gradual the the wrong path was. How we were distracted, by the phone, the flashy leaves. We thought the road would level out soon enough. We ignored the warning signs. We were warned just 2 days earlier about this road, by the very people who came to our rescue! How we pushed ourselves so past our limits that we got stuck. We broke down.
But- there was a way back. We had to call for help and it came.
I know that this is so true in life. Look for the warning signs. And if you get stuck, call on Him. He will help you out.
Pictures to come 🙂
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All’s Well in Salem :]

General Conference is just the Super Bowl of missionary work, I love it! All’s well in Salem. Keeping busy and doing the Lord’s work. We don’t have much time to email today but I just wanted to let you all know how things are going out here. We have 2 baptisms on Saturday and I’m sooooo excited! Missionary work is the best ya’ll! Tell me how you liked conference!

Sister Spiteri