Missionary-ing in Indiana

So I’ve been in Salem for 2 weeks now and it’s just adorable here. I feel like I’m in Halloweentown because we have this adorable town square around the courthouse and there are pumpkins everywhere and it’s just so cute. The work here is shifting dramatically and I am so excited. We have a new branch mission leader and he wants us to emphasize us strengthening the members we have because hardly anyone comes to church so it’s our job to go out and find them and get to know what they could use. I am just crazy excited. So we have 3 people right now who are moving toward baptism. Cameron, Dominick, and Derek will all be baptized in October and they are all just so excited! Sister Gates and I are just getting along great and are becoming more unified in our teaching. Just loving it! We went to a mission fireside last night and got to see President and Sister Brough and feel of their love for us. Missionary work is hard and tiring, but so worth it! Called to serve!

Much love!
Sister Spiteri
DSC00069  So this is Sister Gates. We’re at the Apothecary at the soda counter (pumpkin milkshakes!)

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